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You have been strugling to make more money and it is not coming forth. I know because you are reading this page. And I wouldn't deceive you... you are not alone in the game.

Now, you find yourself here reading my letter. Count yourself the most lucky guy today because you will start making money within the next 30 days... it's really not as hard as you think.

Listen very carefully, what I'm about to show to you is a well guided secret which no one will be willing to tell you. I have been into Information Marketing since the past 4 years and I have been making millions every year without leaving my bedroom. I make around N200,000 to as high as N400,000 from my sort-after business and this has been making my banker friends very very jealous of me.

You see... I refuse to leave my room and still I am making my money. I earn more than a banker and still I work when I feels like and I wake any time I am comfortable. So tell me... why won't they be jealous?

The interesting part is... I am a Third Class graduate!

And so what?

Although it's not something I am proud of... but 'e don happen e don happen, notin I fit do'

I can't conitune to punish myself by placing my faith, hope and future on a 'shit' of paper called certificate.

And who cares even if you are a Primary 6 grad or you couldn't even pass your SSCE or you couldn't even further your University education. Let me tell you this... my system is no respecter of any person, age, gender, race, ethnic group or level.

Want proof this works?

Here's a Typical Week For Me Using the System I'll Be Teaching You:

Welcome back. I know by now you are wishing that account is yours. Believe me, you also can start seeing this kind of result... if I can, you too can.

Within the same time frame, N37,800 was made into my First Bank account making a total of N158,950 made in just 12 days!

N158,950 in just 2 weeks?

Don’t be surprise my friend, you can earn just as me if you follow what I am about to unleash in this report.

...just imagine seeing that money is been deposited into your bank account every single day. What would it mean for you? How would you feel getting as high as N200,000 into your bank account every single month without you leaving the doorstep of your house?

Forget the all-the-rags-to-riches stories you've heard...

And forget everything you've ever been told about making money online because...


Leave whatever you are doing right now as I am going to lead you by the hand and in the next 7 minutes, you will discover:

How I built a home-based business that generates over N200,000 straight into my Nigerian bank account every 30 days and how you too can do the same.

In the next 5 minutes, I am going to show you how to create your own Internet-Based Business and turn it into your personal ATM that will pump out money for you non stop on a daily basis.

What's more, you'll learn the best kept secret of successful Naija internet marketers... How you can easily build your own cash pulling system and make it couch out cash for you on a daily basis - these are my THREE MOST GUARDED SECRETS!

I started online business right from my University days but I couldn't make any kobo from it.

Few years later, I found myself as another jobless graduate. I was struggling just like everyone else to make ends meet. Going from one organisation to the other looking for whom to hire me but unfortunately, I found none.

Come to think of it... who will hire a THIRD CLASS GRADUATE?

Then I bounced back on my foot and I put more effort to bring something out of this so-called internet business, in a legit way thou. Then I began to smile...

Yes, in one month, I made about N20,000!

Pathetic, right?

If you were in my shoe then, you will believe with me that a dead dog is better than a living lion.

I suffered. I saw hell. No one to help. I always trekked to interviews and to make matter worst, I won't get the job.

But all that is now a 'story story'...

I am now living the kind of life I'd hoped for. I am a man of my own. Through dedication and determination, I built a multi-million naira information business that coughs out Naira on everyday basis - even on weekends!

The truth is... it can happen to you too. If it can happen to me... a young man at his late twenties, who graduated from the University with an ordinary THIRD CLASS HONS, then it can happen to you too.

There are secrets used to generate a massive income that internet millionaires will NEVER tell you.

Are you tired of trying every system, every product and every SEO trick with no success?

Are you still struggling to cover your costs with the measly cash you're making online, if any at all?

Do you feel like a failure because you can't seem to earn any form of money online?

Are you even working and you find out that your take-home pay isn't even enough to take you home?

Look, at my mid-twenties, I was totally useless to myself and my family and everyone around me...

I mean, nothing to show for what I am...

Not only that, at the time I was living on a friend's carpet...

And I was REALLY suffering...

And to top it all off, I was in GOOD debt...


I Had Hit Rock Bottom

Well, I decided enough was enough and I turned my life around...

So I got off my ass, and started my own online business.

And now, 3 years on, I have a multi-million naira online empire...

And I am going to show you exactly how you can do this right now...


Because I Discovered A Simple Secret That Will Unlock The Door to Riches Beyond Belief...

And I'm about to share it with you...

Now before I reveal everything, you need to do one small thing...


Because all the products those self-proclaimed "gurus" have shoved down your throat are nothing but crap...

I mean, do you really think they made millions of dollars with some spammy push-button software?

And these so-called "gurus" are nothing but shams...

Because I've been a victim too...

And I've fallen for those empty promises...
And bought those systems...
And those softwares...
Well they are all lies...

Because the only money these so-called 'gurus' are making are from selling their low quality products to people like us…

Well, that's not me... so who am I?

My name is Oyedepo John, popularly called Sir Jay by my numerous students. I run an online company under the name NETICON VENTURES, registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria. And I am the author of Everyday Cash System; a sought after multi-million naira online business.

I passively earn six figure income that makes even bankers get jealous every month working from the comfort of my four-cornered bedroom.

The amazing part is I don't graduate with flying colours and my mates that did pitied me.

My mates are now working a 8 to 5 day job, waking up at the sound of an as early as 5.00am in the morning and hurriedly get dressed to rush down to the bus stop to struggle or rush to get a ‘molue’ or drive a car and spend hours in traffic in other to get to work at 8.00am and work till late evening and sometimes get insult from a barking or intimidating boss, only to finish work and then get into traffic again on your way back home.

To say the fact, I work far less than a banker, yet I make far more than them. I’m not saying all these to brag or to show off… in fact, I’m more of a reserved person.

Now... I am the one piting them.

Ya... for real...

What I want to bring out here is... if you really want freedom from money slavery and want to live your dream life, then you are at the right place, reading the right letter, at the right time.


Maybe You're Probably Thinking...

But I am a computer illiterate

I don't have a website

I don't know how to even start a business

I have no technical knowledge

I have no money to invest

I have no expertise in internet business

I have no personal computer of my own

Well, let me assure you, NEITHER DID I!

And that's why I made sure that in order to really be able to help people, the Everyday Cash System has to be a completely fool-proof system to make money on a long-term basis without any previous knowledge of internet marketing!

And with that in mind, I've laid every single thing I've ever done step-by-step for you...

And I'm going to show you exactly how to make a lot of money in very little time...

And I assure you that these secret methods are tried and tested with an astounding success rate...

So if you've never tried a single thing to make money online, this is the BEST place to start...

Because I'll be honest...

There is no push-button miracle that will make you a millionaire overnight...

And anyone who tells you that you don't need to put in any work to make money is LYING...

Now I know you may feel discouraged from making money online...

And just like me it's hard for you to trust people...


I Went from Nothing to Having Nothing...

I was treated like a loser my entire life...

And because of that, I felt like a loser...

You see, at my mid-twenties I couldn't boost of one single thing that belongs to me...

And you can imagine how I was teased... And laughed at... And was always picked last for teams...

To add insult upon injury, not a single girl wanted to be anything more than just friends...

My life couldn't have been any worse...

However I gained a thick skin and a mentality to work harder than everyone else... to always be better than my competition...

And it has stayed with me throughout the years...


But at That Time, My Life Was Hell!

Luckily for me, one faithful day I visited these my two friends; Gbenga and Emmanuel, and I saw a manual written by Ewen Chia in their room and it became my escape...

I made a photocopy and I spent my days studying that piece...

It felt like absolute freedom...

And to be honest, I never thought it would amount to anything...

Then I Founded My First Internet Business

I taught myself about affiliate marketing, subscriptions, blogging, creating and selling my own products. I built a multi-million naira websites and shared everything I learnt along the way for free via my unique online training. I now make millions every year from my business empire.


Currently I'm the founder of NETICON VENTURES, a businessman, a marketer and a blogger.

My life is out there for everyone to see…

I have nothing to hide…

And now I'm ready to show you how to achieve the dot com dream…


Because It Is More Than Possible...

And anyone can do it…

Yes, even you!

I've had success… and I've also had failures…

And you don't have to go through all the crap I did…


This system has transformed me from a jobless, street-wandering graduate into a walking ATM machine.

I call it the Everyday Cash System

It's been 3 years now since I've started and over this period of time, I have learned the ups and downs and when and how to dot a 'i' and cross a 't'.

So, plenty of my buddies literally beg me to share my continuous success and now I'm confident that this is just going to blow their mind (and yours!)

And that's why, after months of toiling and pouring blood and sweat into this, I am proud to introduce to you...


It's an all-encompassing step-by-step. paint-by numbers guide that will show you how to make a lot of money on the internet right here in Nigeria...

It is a legitimate, never-go-broke, cash sucking, fail proof system that routinely make thousands of people line up in the bank every month to pay money into my account!

This is the ONLY system in Nigeria that GUARANTEES the ability to make money, lots of it... Hundreds of thousands of it online... Better than Google adsense, CPA, Blogging, Survery, Affiliate marketing and all those quick money programs that the Gurus sell to you.


Introduction to Information Business

  • Learn the nitty gritty of information business. Find out everything about and how to start the best internet business in the whole world.
  • Discover how Google, Amazon, Nairaland, etc make people beg them to send them money online and how you too can do the same.
  • Discover why it is neccessary to sell online in order to make huge cash online.
  • Learn from live example of world renowed information marketers and 'naija' gurus. There is nothing like learning from an experienced man!

The WHY of Information Business

  • What is Information Marketing and discover how you can partake in the multi-million naira business right here in Nigeria. Many people still think that this is difficult but I show you in this module that it is just as simple as 'moi moi'.
  • Discover 9 good reasons why you MUST sell information products in order to make it huge just like the pros.
  • You will understand in this module that to succeed online, you can do WITHOUT Clickbank, Paypal, CPAs, Survey and others. Don't let them brain-washed you!

Tools Needed to Drive this Business

  • All the tools you need to kickstart this business, ranging from how to create website to email marketing tools and to the very least tool.
  • Discover the reason why owning a personal computer is NOT a must in this business.
  • Discover how to register your own domain name and purchase a web host here in Nigeria without having to own a credit card. Also, learn how to choose a domain name and how to protect it from hijacking.


  • Discover the simple, but great way to find a HOT, hungry and evergreen market to create your product on. Get it wrong from start and your business has started failing from the genesis.
  • Why the difference between NEED and WANT, CURE and PREVENTION can make or mar you in this information business.
  • Discover a good list of products you can sell to make maximum profit. No internet marketer can be this sincere, well, I did!
  • This module revealed the FOUR major places to find a hot and hungry market and how to make people queue in banking hall just to send you money without begging them - this is 100% LEGIT!
  • NINE hot, hungry and evergreen niche you can start creating your product on and make a killer profit. This is a secret the top gurus don't want me to share with any body... but who cares?

How Do I CREATE the Information?

  • Nothing is written on stone when it comes to internet. I show you how to write or create your information product with ease
  • Discover the basic tools you need in order to create your information product. You surely need Microsoft Word 2007 and few other well-guarded tools that are best known to me - and probably you if you gain instant access today!
  • 17 good interesting topics that might give you brilliant ideas on how and what to write about when starting your own information business.
  • You will discover why perfection is not necessary but completion

How Do I Present & Make People Buy My Information Product?

  • Discover the easiest way to show, tell and convince people to go queue at the bank hall just to send you money. They will be happy to send you cash for your product!
  • Understand the difference between a Sales Page, Sales Letter and Squeeze Page and how they can fetch you the money you need on a daily basis.
  • Copywriting; how to effectively and constructively write a killer, cash-producing sales letter. I not only show you how to write it, I talk about how to make your graphics also.
  • Discover how to create a mini-website and upload it to your server WITHOUT knowing any programming code. I made it easy with a high-end quality video!
  • This module also reveals the surefire methods of getting targeted traffic to your sales page

How Do I DELIVER the Sold Product?

  • Learn the basic knowledge of how online delivery works and how digital products, such as ebook, can be delivered using the power of the internet.
  • This module also reveals the important tools you need in order to effect an effective delivery process.
  • A sample message template of exactly what to send, how to send it and what medium to use in delivering the product. NOTE: What you are sending is in digital format, so there is no physical shipping whatsoever.
  • The TWO most important things to do after delivering your information product to your customers. Believe me when I say... most internet marketer gurus still make these mistakes!

LIST BUILDING: An Effective Way to HUGE Internet Income

  • Learn the marketing strategies of the top internet companies to skyrocket your monthly income. No internet marketer will show you this - but I did!.
  • THREE most important reasons why you should start building your own mailing list and how to effectively accomplish this with ease.
  • FIVE simple steps to building an hyper-responsive list that guarantees to blow-up your bank account within the next 60 days!
  • Discover the simple truth about managing a mailing list and building personal relationship and trust.
  • Uncover the secret to turning your list prospect to returning customers, over and over again. This secret alone will make a prospect want to keep sending you money until you are tired.

My Three POWERFUL Secrets

  • Discover my THREE powerful well-guarded secret that turns me from a church rat and jobless graduate to owning a multi-million naira internet business. These secrets alone account for 95% of my success in this business - you CAN'T afford to miss it for anything!
  • Find out why 98% of people fail to succeed online and how YOU will benefit. Many experienced marketers STILL make some of these mistakes on a daily basis!
  • Discover the secrets to building your fully-automated online business empire and ditching your 8 to 5 job for good.
  • How I successfully run my information business without even bordering to search for a job . Is this even possible? Well, I expose it in step-by-step detail!

Summary, Conclusion & Definition of Terms

  • This module contains SEVEN listed points of the whole system from MODULE ONE to MODULE NINE. This helps refresh and give more understanding of the whole process at a glance.
  • A nice conclusion with nice words to ginger your spirit to ACTION.
  • I also took the pain to include the meaning of all internet marketing terms used in the course so that it can serve as an internet marketing dictionary.


The ECS Complete Video Series

I don't just leave you to your fate just like all other 'gurus' will do. I know how hard it is to create a website. I understand how uneasy it is to effectively arrange and upload your website files to a server. And that is the main reason I created this awesome video personally to teach you what words can not.

In the ECS Complete Video Series, you will watch how I create websites like Sales Page, Squeeze Page, how to insert an Autoresponder Capture Form into your Squeeze Page, and how to upload all your website files onto a web server... and much more!


Watch the First Series (INTRO) of the ECS Video Series Below:

BONUS #1: The New BLACKBERRY Breakthrough

In this sought after breakthrough guide, you will discover the hidden secret, heavily guarded by Ikeja and Facebook Marketers, on how to get your own BRAND NEW BLACKBERRY Phones for as low as N10,500 only without referring a single soul and how to make tons of cash with it, even if you are a primary school dropout.

This wonderful report is currently being sold for the price of N5,500 but it is yours for FREE if you download the Everyday Cash System today.

BONUS #2: Acquire Worldwide Accepted Credit Card
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I have written this free report to open your eyes on a long-time hidden secret to acquiring a worldwide accepted credit card right here in Nigeria. By the end of this free report, you should be able to purchase anything online where Credit Card is required.

If you grab the opportunity to gain access to the Everyday Cash System today, you will also get the Resale Rights to this wonderful report. This means, you can resell it and keep all the 100% profit to yourself.

BONUS #3: The Cheap Laptop Guide v2

In this report, you will discover the hidden secret on how to buy and import BRAND NEW LAPTOP for as low as N14,000 only without referring a single soul and how to make tons of cash with it, even if you are a primary school dropout.

This wonderful report is currently being sold for the price of N4,000 on it salespage but it is yours for FREE if you download the Everyday Cash System today.


Now, I'll Be Honest, This System Is Not For Everyone...

So if you fall in any of the following categories, you should probably stop wasting your time here:

If you are satisfied with your current financial level and you don't need any more money, pls leave

If it excites you to spend 2+ hours a day stuck in the rush hour traffic during your commute to work, then this is not for you

If you enjoy sitting in a cubicle up to 12 hours a day, you should click the x at the top of this page

If you love working your butt off for someone else to get either the credit or the cash bonus, you should leave

And if you think there's no money to be made on the Internet and it's impossible to earn a full time income, you should definitely leave

Still here? Good.

Still on the fence? I don't blame you.

I know you're bombarded with systems and products and plans and software...

All that promise you millions...

So it's good that you're wary...


It's good that you're cynical...

Because not everyone is legit... I mean, 'na Naija we dey, abi?

And I know my promises may not sound any different from the millions already out there so I'm just going to stop right now.

But hey, maybe you'd like to hear what other Nigerians think of the Everyday Cash System...

I can tell, you're probably excited to hear all that. But there is also another nagging question... and at the back of your mind right now it's screaming,

Well let me be totally honest, I'm not going to be pushy.

And even though I'm a marketer (and pretty damn good at it), I'm not going to disrespect you by using old and outdated sales techniques with you.

I'm not going to waste your time with some "limited edition for only 100 people" trick.

I'm also not going to tell you the "this usually costs N11,500 but only for you, it's at a heavily discounted N7,500" nonsense.

What I'm going to do is not to waste any more of your time and just get straight to the point.

Because if you're serious about wanting to give this a shot, if you're really serious about changing your life for the better, I'm going to make you a one-time offer.

Sure, my personal one-on-one coaching is valued at over N10,000 AN HOUR...

But I know what it's like to start out from humble beginnings. I know what it's like to have N1,000 in your pocket, worrying about your finances on the packed bus ride commuting to work to a crappy job you hate.

Like I mentioned before, I've been there, probably way lower than you are right now... and yet I still managed to make it big.

Yes, I could sell this easily at N15,000 a pop and make a killing. But that's not what I'm about. This isn't what Everyday Cash System is about. It's about helping people make it.

It's really all about you.

And that's why, right now, the Everyday Cash System is available for you to try out for a very small, very affordable price of N6,500

And yes, this isn't a typo. You get to try it first.

Hear me out.

I'm so sure that this system is going to just blow your mind, I'm offering you an amazing opportunity to try this for 60 days. And if it's nothing short of mind blowing, I'm going to give you every kobo of your money back.

Introducing My 'NO HIDDEN COST' 60 Day Guarantee

John, I Want In. I'm Getting Instant Access Now!

Remember the times you just let your mind wander and hoped for just once, fate will be kind and give you one opportunity.

Just one.

And here it is.

You've waited so long for this moment, don't let it slip through your fingers.

Because, if you don't take advantage of this opportunity right now, you may never get this opportunity again. Like they say, opportunity knocks but once.

And while there will be users with grins from ear to ear and wide eyed disbelief with the success of their websites... you'll look back at what might have been.

If you don't seize this opportunity right now, you'll probably miss out on this chance to change your life forever.

You've been fooled before with promises of easy riches with "hidden or hacked" scripts and broken "push button" software that doesn't work and never will...

Don't let that haunting memory cause you to miss out on the real deal.

It's here right now and it's your key to open the door to your whole new life.

Go ahead, the button below is yours to push to realize your dream.

To download the Everyday Cash System immediately, click the button above.

See What Fellow Nigerians Are Saying...

Also from My Facebook Fans...

And Also from My Email...

I can go on and on... showing you what other fellow Nigerians has to say about me, my coaching and my products.

In fact... there are many of them which I can not list here because of space.

But the question is... are you also ready to share testimonials like this?

Then secure your copy by clicking the BUY NOW button below...

I'll see you on the other side.

             A.K.A. Sir Jay

Call: 08066785508 (Line opens from 9am - 5pm weekdays only; SMS: 24/7)

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P.P.P.S - Wondering what the contents of the guide looks like, read MODULE 1 here